a trip to Morro Bay

Last week I road tripped down to Morro Bay with the girls to visit my brother and their Uncle Jason who lives there. Luke was out of town and I wanted to take advantage of not being prisoner to the school schedule yet. So we loaded up and hit the road. We survived the drive with only one stop, lots of snacks and a few tears due to Stella throwing her blanket so far between the door and her car seat that I couldn’t safely reach while driving.
Jason had to work Friday so we were on our own until we were planning to pick him up later in the afternoon. We packed up and headed a little north of Morro Bay to Cambria where they have this beautiful 2 mile boardwalk along the ocean. Gorgeous. Beautiful morning after a rainstorm the night before, the ocean crashing down below us, and two girls who were all smiles. Love.

We picked Jason up from work (great job at the County of San Luis Obispo, ladies) and went to the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum — such a fun, great place for kids! It’s three stories of sensory, dress up, imagination… you name it. This picture below is from when Jason looked at Norah and said, “Quit hogging it.” Little kids, and big kids alike will have a ball.

We spent a few hours there just letting the girls run around and play. Fun, fun, fun. If you are ever in the area and need a good place to take the kiddos this is it. It will stay a regular visit for us on our visits to Uncle Jason for sure.
Saturday we filled the day with the Cayucos Car Show, Pumpkin Patch near Avila, and finally painting pottery at Red Hot Pottery. I’m not sure what we were thinking – there were a few moments of chaos and concern for all of the ceramic dishes, cups, plates around us at perfect height for Stella to grab. Norah picked a small turtle to paint, I did a platter and a coffee cup and Jason did a platter. For how young they are and how little attention they can truly hold on one thing, they did great. Norah’s turtle has about 17 layers of paint so it will be interesting to see what color it is when Uncle Jason brings it at Thanksgiving.

 We ended the day with the biggest carnitas burittos I’ve ever seen and watched the sunset for a few minutes before packing the girls and us home for an early bed and a long drive home the next day.
Adding to my list of loves — the central coast – I could seriously live there! And huge love to my brother, what a great guy, friend, and uncle he has become!


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