hand print Christmas tree

We made these adorable hand print Christmas trees with two other friends and their kids yesterday. It was fun (messy, chaotic, fun) project to do together. They turned out so cute and were all so different. I love that it’s a reminder of how small their hands are and will be a fun decoration to get out every year since it’s on canvas. I found the original idea for this here.

Supplies you’ll need:

3 year old Kasen
  • Green acrylic paint (we did a dark shade and a light shade)
  • Brown paint
  • Gold paint,
  •  Red paint
  • Paint brushes,
  • Canvas (as big or small as you’d like)
I used a foam brush and painted Norah’s hand dark green – we did four hand prints for the sides and five across the bottom. I stuck with the same hand for the entire tree but it probably would’ve been cute to do her opposite hand on the other side of the tree so her thumbs were out on both sides – live and learn I guess. Then it was on to Stella’s hands — I did hers in a lighter shade of green and we filled in the spaces in the middle as best we could. I painted the trunk with brown and added the star with gold paint and gold glitter paint. (I wish I could say Norah painted that star because it’s not my best work and looks like a 3 year old did it but sadly, it’s my own work.) I wish I would’ve made it with a pencil and then painted it on – live and learn again I guess. Then we decided it could use a little more color and we just used red to make little dots as ornaments in the white spaces. One of the girls had some gold and red glitter puffy paint and she went over her star and ornaments with that and it looked really good too.  A small 2011 in the corner and our piece of art was ready to hang up. If you notice on Denai’s tree she used her almost 3 month olds little feet as the trunk – super sweet touch! A friend that saw it today said she might paint the canvas red and then do the tree on top of it – anyway you do it it’s going to look adorable and the imperfections and smudges are what make it cute.
3 year old Norah and 1 1/2 year old Stella
3 year old Catalina and 3 month old Aida

One thought on “hand print Christmas tree

  1. I love this craft for this time of year! I think I will try it with Noalani next Christmas when she is one year old =) We made an ornament this year for her First Christmas of her hand print and food print. I hope they turn out!

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