snowflakes & painting graham crackers

Here’s two fun crafts we did this week — one’s to eat and one’s a cute winter decoration you can hang up.

Painted Graham Crackers

These were very cute and perfect for an afternoon craft and snack. I found the original idea for this here.


  • Graham Crackers
  • Food Dye (find all natural if you are worried about that)
  • Apple or White Grape Juice
  • Paint Brushes

Use the food dye to color different bowls of juice the colors you choose – you can make them as bright or light as you’d like. (Don’t use much juice – we ended up pouring a lot out.)  I put graham crackers on paper plates and gave them each a paintbrush and let them go to town.  This was much more suited for Norah’s age but beauty of this is that when Stella was over painting she could just eat her graham crackers and still sit at the table with Norah. Fun, easy, and involved a snack at the end — three positives in my book!

Turn around for 1 second and this is what I walk back to .

Yummy graham crackers and blueberries for a snack!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes


  • Coffee Filters
  • Scissors
  • Markers

I found a huge stack of coffee filters that I wanted to try to use for a craft this week.  I don’t know where they came from and since our coffee pot doesn’t need filters they found their way into my craft closet.  I knew I wanted to go for a winter themed craft and immediately thought of snowflakes! Although we don’t get snow here (maybe once in a blue moon and then it’s usually gone in a few hours) I thought snowflakes would be fun to make and a fun decoration they could hang in their playroom. While we were doing it I was so impressed with Norah’s scissor skills and am going to keep giving her the opportunity to use her kid scissors so she’s ready for (can’t even imagine her in school yet) Kindergarten. The other great thing about this craft that she took quite seriously was the folding. She made quite a few all by herself from start to finish and was so proud of her finished snowflakes. I had to resist grabbing her snowflake and telling her, “No, this is how you do it,” and instead just let her make slices or cut huge holes in it and do it herself. No two snowflakes are alike, remember? There’s beauty in their differences and I wanted her to take satisfaction in doing it herself.  Stella sat on my lap while I cut some out and she unwrapped them (“It’s like unwrapping a present, Mom!” Norah said.) I pulled out the markers after we’d made a few plain ones to add some color to some of them and Stella was back in her element. They colored away and then we folded and cut them out as snowflakes.  I think it would be fun to make more and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line or ribbon.

This one was appropriately named, "jelly fish."


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