email accounts for kids

Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a positive first week of January!

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Personally it has felt so good to get back to the gym — going on four days this week (planning on number five tomorrow) and a week of healthy eating. It makes such a difference in how I feel and the energy I have during the day.  I saw this quote going around Pinterest and thought it was so appropriate for New Year’s Resolutions and people that are trying to “get in shape” this year. After a week of hard workouts I really want to go try on a pair of jeans that have been in the dark, back corner of my closet and be pleasantly surprised when they slide right on. Wrong. That’s not how it works and this quote is a good reminder that it takes time, dedication, and it should not be about the quick, instant result and instead about an all over healthy lifestyle (not a diet!). So, for all of you that want instant results (like me) remember that it doesn’t work like that and give yourself time to do it the right way.  And, remember my Lean & Mean class at Orland Rec starts this Monday at 5:15 p.m.! I’m really excited to try to teach adults that actually want to move and be challenged rather than whiny, bitchy teenage girls who would come into my office with every excuse in the book as to why the couldn’t dress down (my all time favorite was the girl who said her pants were too tight so she couldn’t dress down since she couldn’t take them off. Seriously?)

I hope you aren’t tired of ways to record/document your life and the childhood of your little ones — because I learned of another way from my girlfriend, Denai. They are a two girl family too and I love our playdates and watching the girls play — someday when we are fighting and arguing with our two teenage daughters each I know we will appreciate having someone else who’s raising two girls and all the good and bad that goes with that.
While I was there her almost 4 month old rolled over for the first time when she’d laid her down for a nap. Later that morning Denai said, “I need to email Aida.” Aida is daughter. I believe I said, “Wait, what?” She then proceeded to open up both girls’ email accounts and show me all the little notes to the girls she’d written recording milestones they’d hit, a sweet picture she’d taken with her phone, or a funny/scary story to remember the joys of 3 year olds.
I fell in love with the idea immediately. What a fun and easy way to document their childhood without getting out the baby book or recording it on a calendar or handwritten in a journal like I’d been doing since I was pregnant and slowly been writing less and less. I even thought that when I was working full time this would’ve been a fun way to still be connected to the girls and drop them notes when I was really missing or thinking of them. Denai said she didn’t think she’d show them all the emails until they were older and then they’d have a bunch of emails, written as notes from Mom, Dad or other family members since she’d shared the address with family members.
With the easy accesibility of phones and email there is no excuse to not email a funny quote they said (like tonight when Norah seriously said, “because that’s how I roll” when discussing her impressive bowel movements.”) or a cute picture of two 3 year olds playing dress -up.

So, there are now two new gmail accounts in both girls’ names for Luke and I to start writing to and filling their inbox with love from Mom and Dad.


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