cloud dough

Cloud Dough

This was so fun and definitely kept their attention for a good half an hour  — and in toddler time that felt like two hours! All you need is flour and baby oil; mixed together it feels like flour but is moldable and another perk is that it smells delicious!  I found the original idea here.

Here’s what you do:

Add 8 C flour and 1 C baby oil to the container of your choice – then’s the fun part, get in there with your hands and mix it up. It will take anywhere from 3-5 minutes to get it fully incorporated so it holds some shape. I ended up squeezing in a little extra oil during the process too. You’ll know when it’s done when you can make a snowball shape or make a sandcastle and it stays standing. That’s it.  I made each girl their own box of Cloud Dough and have it in a plastic carton with a lid (I have no idea how long it will keep but am hopefully this will make it last a little longer). I also know sharing is a major issue in our house right now with the youngest and everything I can do to make things as even keeps the screaming of “MINE” down and everybody happy. I also just liked the idea of two smaller boxes rather than one big one.

I laid a towel down on the kitchen floor, gave them their boxes with a few cookie cutters, spoon, and other things to play with and they were very content to play in their boxes. Stella (surprise, surprise) had a harder time keep it in her box and I was very grateful for the towel that made clean-up easy.

I hope you all are saying "CHEESE" whenever you see a picture of Stella like this because that's exactly what she's saying.

Next week we will be starting Valentine’s crafts and starting our ABC crafts! Stay tuned!


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