how to really love motherhood . . .

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All I wanted was a few minutes to drink my cup of coffee and browse Pinterest to see what was new this morning and for some reason that seems to bring out the whiniest, grabbiest, fussiest, neediest two little girls I know. Seriously, 3 minutes?  Apparantly that is asking too much. Then of course one of the first things I see on Pinterest is this quote — and I immediately feel like a bad mom because I was trying to take a little time for myself and wasn’t devoting every.waking.second. to my children.  But then Stella stole the stroller from Norah who erupted in tears and I took a huge breathe and realized I am not a bad mom for taking a few minutes to myself. I need this and they also need to figure out how to work disagreements out on their own without Mom running in and playing mediator.  While I do love this quote and love the reminder to play with our kids, sometimes I need to breathe in a different room with the door shut. 🙂


2 thoughts on “how to really love motherhood . . .

  1. Enjoy some time in another room with the door shut and a glass of wine! Being a stay at home mommy is amazing… But no one loves every minute of it!

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