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I thought this was a good reminder for parenting and life in general (and it’s a really cute sign on Etsy that would look adorable framed as a constant reminder). There are two major battles in our house right now — “NO!” and “MINE!” Maybe you’ve heard of them? They seem to take over your beautiful, adorable child and turn them into this screaming, basically frothing-at-the-mouth-monster.  The doll in big sister’s hand? “MINE!” The water bottle that was already in her hands? “MINE!” The last cracker in her snack bowl? “MINE”  “Stella, please come over here so I can change your diaper.” “NO!” I don’ t think I need to go on with examples…basically anytime she can use the word she does; and it’s not just quietly said,it is said with passion and with emphasis and loud enough for my neighbors to hear most times. So, I am trying to figure out how involved I want to get with this power battle my 19 month old is trying to engage me in. How they heck does a 19 month old do it? How does she have the power to take every last ounce of patience I have and do a little happy dance on top of it with that little smirk and gleam in her eye? Lord help me when she’s a teenager. For the most part, I am trying to just ignore her. I know it’s a phase and the less attention she can get the better, right? Part of what she wants is attention – and negative attention is as just as good as positive attention in their book. So, if I just ignore it she should get bored and quit her antics. Sometimes it works. Other times I’m just repeating, “YES” back for every no she says — not sure that’s the best idea but she usually gets bored with the new game Mom has invented and moves on quickly. We’ve talked about, “not saying No back to Mom or Dad” but that is usually when the little smirk comes into play. This kid is smart. This kid is testing me in ways I never had to do with Norah at this age. Dang kids. Why can’t they both be the same and make me feel like I’ve got this parenting thing figured out? So if anybody has this parenting thing figured out and has the solution – enlighten me, please!

I am picking my battles today and instead of dusting and finishing the laundry in the dryer I am making Peanut Butter Nutella Cookies and these adorable little heart clips for Valentines. Oh yeah, feeling good about this battle and I am totally WINNING. 🙂 Happy Friday all and do something that makes you feel good!


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