coffee filter hearts & B is for bumblebee

This week we did another fun Valentine’s craft using coffee filters and watercolor paints and also continued on our ABC Crafts with B for Bumblebee.

Coffee Filter Hearts

Although I’ve been making an effort to use up the stack of coffee filters in my craft closet I swear it’s like they keep multiplying; there seems to be no difference in the size of the stack.  Oh well. They work well for kids crafts and I’m sure that I can continue to find things to do with them, especially after seeing how cool watercolors are on them.  For these tie-dyed looking hearts we just used watercolors on the coffee filters, then after they dried I cut hearts out. I love these. I think I had just as much fun painting them as the girls did and Norah was definitely entertained.  Stella had a tendency to just paint water on them so I had to add a little color in here and there.

After they were cut out as hearts Norah and I made a little banner for her bed by punching holes and stringing them onto some Valentine’s ribbon I had.  She loves it in her room decorating her bed and it looks really sweet.

We will be painting coffee filters again very soon.

B is for Bumblebee

These turned out way too cute and were so easy to do with a little bit of prep right before we sat down to make them.  The original idea for this came from here.

What you’ll need:

  • Construction paper:  yellow, black, and any other color to glue your B on
  • Wax Paper: two small circles for the wings
  • Pipe cleaner: Black would be the obvious choice but since we had none the girls choose pink – guess ours are girl bumblebees. Cut  a smaller piece for the stinger and then the remainder can be the antenna.
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue Stick
Trace a block letter B and cut it out of the yellow paper. (Little hands can always do this job too.) Cut strips of black paper for the stripes on the lower half of the bee. I did this while they girls were playing and happily entertaining themselves. It just made it really simple to sit down and have everything ready to go. If I learned anything as a teacher it was that prepping lessons always made them run smoother.

Glue the black stripes onto the B.

Glue the wings onto the B.

Stick the pipe cleaners through and twist for both the antenna and the stinger.

Glue the eyes on.

Glue the finished B onto another piece of construction paper.

B is for Bumblebee . . . B, B, B.


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