valentine’s day cards

When I saw this cute idea to use a toilet paper roll to make heart stamps I was sold. I had everything I needed and knew I wanted the girls to make cards to send to their friends and family for Valentines. There are so many things you could do with the cute hearts this makes: cards, canvas, stamp on a shirt with puffy paint, or just let them go to town on paper. It was such another reminder of how different their personalities are (ok, maybe age played a small part too):  Stella’s stamping method was fast, furious and all over the place while Norah would stamp perfect hearts in a straight line before moving on to the next (hello, first child).


  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Tape
  • Paint – We used red and pink acrylic paint
  • Glitter
  • Paper – We used white scrap-booking paper
  • For the inside I cut out “Be Mine” with my Cricut
  • Envelopes

Take your TP roll and flatten it out so there’s a crease on both sides. Then start playing with it until you get a heart shape you like and use a piece of tape so it stays.

I did a few trial runs and found that the middle of the heart wasn’t even touching the paper so I had to play around with the heart shape a little more.

I only had one TP roll  so they took turns on stamping hearts and just painting.

The crazy stamper.

And the very deliberate, focused stamper.

After Norah had successful stamped the page full of hearts we added a dusting of silver glitter and then let them dry.  Then I used my paper cutter to get 2 cards out of each sheet of paper and got them down to a size that would fit in leftover Christmas card envelops.

I used my Cricut and cut out “Be Mine” (2 inch letters) and then Norah worked on gluing them all on (it was another good lesson for her on letters and which way they faced and a good lesson for me that it didn’t have to be perfect).

Then I let them go to  town with stickers and signed their name for them and our Valentine’s cards were done!

They might not be perfect but they were made with love and I love how they turned out.


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