c is for caterpillar

We’ve gotten a little behind on our letters but a quiet morning at home made this a perfect activity. I did a little prep while they were playing alone and that made this a fast, easy project and they continued to play with the scraps and glue well after we finished. I’ve been using this site to come up with inspiration for our letters – there are tons of great ideas.

What you need:

  • Construction paper – cut out a letter C and about 9 smallish circles for each caterpillar
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaner – cut in half
  • Glue stick

Glue the letter C onto another sheet of construction paper.

Glue the circles along the shape of the C to make your caterpillar body.
Add googly eyes and a face and punch a hole at the top of your circle (maybe do it before it’s glued on and it might be easier) to thread your pipe cleaner antenna through; and there you have it… C is for Caterpillar.

Since we have started this I have noticed Norah being very aware of letters when we are out and about (the whole 2 she could possible recognize anyway). She is still not sure whether to call it an “A” or an “Alligator” but we are getting there and she is definitely recognizing them.  She even got herself all worked up this weekend when Luke was trying to put her in the car seat and she wanted to show me the letter “A” that was on a restaurant window. When we realized why she was so upset we let her show us what she was talking about and she proudly ran up to the window and pointed out the letter. I love seeing their little minds work and to see the excitement of learning in her eyes is so wonderful. I can only hope that excitement will stay alive her entire life and she’ll always want to learn.


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