st. patrick’s day burlap banner

I don’t normally put up a lot of decorations for St. Patrick’s day but thanks to Pinterest and Etsy there’s tons of inspiration to add some St. Patrick’s day inspired decorations for this holiday.  When I saw this banner on Etsy I knew I could make a version of it. I love how simple and cute it is.

St Patricks Day Banner Decoration Green Burlap perfect for photo prop or party decor

For my version you’ll need:

  • Burlap – I did 7 pennants – you could do more or less depending on how big/little you want yours.
  • Shamrocks – I used the pack of foam, glitter shamrocks I found at Michael’s and alternated the colors between light/dark green. You’l need 2 packs if you do 7.
  • Hot Glue
  • Twine, Ribbon, Yarn – Whatever you want to string the pennants on.
  • Hole Punch or Scissors – Or a better idea might be to just try to string it through. I ran into some issues with the hole being too close to the edge and the burlap falling apart.


*Learn from my mistakes: The hole punch might not have been the best way to do this. I had a little trouble with the burlap fraying and my hole disappearing. Looking back at the pictures from Etsy I’m not sure if she punched a hole or just tried threading it through the burlap – I did notice that it was much more in the center than the outsides of the triangle. From far away mine looks fine and up close it’s more rustic looking where they are fraying and not perfectly straight; I still love it.

I used those little Command hooks to hang it up on our fireplace – they work great! Since I didn’t like how the little white sticker/hook looked I used shamrock stickers (also from Michael’s) to cover them up.

Stay tuned for a few more St. Patrick’s themed crafts and ideas. We will be making leprechaun traps this weekend and trying to catch those sneaky leprechauns all week. Stay posted!


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