what’s for dinner?

I’ll just say right now that I LOVED having our meals planned out for 2 weeks. Our fridge is a little bare right now but a trip to Costco and Trader Joe’s will get us stocked back up for the next 2 weeks. I had to make a few stops at the store for milk and greek yogurt in between,  but now that Target has a grocery store I was able to do it on a quick stop there (quick stop for multiple things that weren’t on my list by the way).  I’m very excited for this new addition at Target but can’t decide if it’s going to cost me more money or less.

Clean Eating is still the name of the game in our house. This is what I can say I’ve for sure noticed after 3 weeks (or is it 4?): 1.  The less I eat of the sugary/carb loaded stuff the less I crave it and miss it — It seriously is true.  2.  When I would eat it again (last night for example – baked beans, ribs in yummy bbq sauce, frozen yogurt with chocolate syrup and a cupcake – I wasn’t messing around!) I wanted more of it and today I can’t seem to get full or satisfied with what I’m eating. 3.  My stomach has reacted when I eat these foods again; I’ll just leave it at that.

Challenges: 1.   Eating out is hard! My husband thought I was CRAZY when I ordered a hamburger without the bun at The Graduate for dinner and the guy taking my order, “wasn’t quite sure how to put it in the computer.” But, I was making an effort to try to stick to eating clean.  2.  Weekends.  I always want to make a yummy dessert I’ve seen on Pinterest and we have a tendency to eat out more on the weekends; I need to do a better job of sticking to a normal eating routine on the weekends as well.

The next two weeks of dinners I have planned are Paleo inspired and all from the same website. I had “pinned” the slow cooked pork recipe and when I went went to read the ingredients and recipe I got sucked into her blog and managed to plan out the entire 2 weeks all from her site.  I love that the author of Everyday Paleo is a local Chico Mom and a true believe of eating Paleo and the healthy benefits that go along with it. I am not making the full switch Paleo but these recipes look delicious regardless.  For now, I am sticking with oatmeal in the morning, eating more veggies as snacks, lunch will be leftovers from dinner or avocado and lunch meat, and these Paleo dinners that all look fantastic! Maybe you don’t want to try eight new recipes in a row  but at least you could pick out a few and get them into your normal weekly dinner rotation.

And as far as the two little kiddos go — I am not making anything special for them; they are going to try these recipes right along with us. I want them to at least try the food we are eating. I will probably add applesauce or yogurt to their plate as well to at least have something I know they’ll eat.  They aren’t always huge fans of the meals but  if they at least try it, I’m happy. I read this great article here about the reason kids eat processed junk is because that’s what their parents give them and I couldn’t agree more. If I offer the girls an apple or cookies which are they going to choose? But If I just slice up an apple and put a little peanut butter in the bowl will they complain if they know a cookie wasn’t even an option?Probably not.  I liked her perspective and it is a good reminder of how important we are in shaping our children’s opinions on food and their healthy food eating choices down the road.  Do I think it’s important? Yes, yes, and yes! Do my kids eat a perfect, healthy diet? Heck no!  We are far from perfect and if you ask Norah what she’d like for dinner on any given night her answer is usually a passionate request for, “chicken nuggets!” But we are trying and if we can have them eating healthy foods 80% of the time I’m good with some treats the other 20%.

Here’s the recipe line up all courtesy of Everyday Paleo:

And I think this recipe for Fried Apples will be dessert one night.

Have a great week and let me know if you try any of the recipes!


4 thoughts on “what’s for dinner?

  1. So happy to see Paleo on the menu, which means that you inevitably you’re “up-ing” your protein.

    Sarah is amazing. She is such an inspiration. We met back in 2007 or 2008 at Nor Cal S&C and we got our CrossFit cert. together. He husband has a Chiro business in Chico and he too is absolutely amazing at his job and in the gym!

    I am happy you found her site. I’m sure you can connect well with her site due to the child aspect. Another site that I have fallen in love with is http://www.wellnessmama.com. I have a hard time really connecting to the parental sections of the blogs, but I let my mind wander in the future where children will hopefully be. Plus, it never hurts to learn in advance.

    Keep us posted on what you think of the paleo meals and if you miss you breads, etc.

  2. I didn’t know you had your Cross Fit Cert! That’s so great. Do you ever teach with it? Or train? Not sure what to call it. 🙂
    I’ll check out that other site. I love reading them and am really interested in the info and pages you are sharing.

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