for lucas.

I love to people watch. It’s true. I couldn’t go study in the library in college because I’d get distracted so easily. Even now when we are out to dinner I love guessing other people’s stories, checking out their adorable kids, admiring an old loving couple, or laughing at the bizarre teenagers. I don’t even want to think what people are saying about our table when we go out to eat – eating out with two toddlers is a challenge and not always pretty. You usually never learn the stories of the people eating next to you,  but yesterday I did and I had to share.

Yesterday evening we stopped to eat at Granzella’s in Williams (because that’s where you stop on I-5, right?) on our way home from San Francisco.  We decided to eat in the restaurant portion and I was pretty glad when a young couple with a little boy sat directly behind us – just makes you feel like you have allies who have to understand if kids are loud or throwing food on the floor when out in public. We didn’t talk but I noticed what a sweet, happy guy he was and Stella wouldn’t stop staring at him. We ate our hamburgers and got back in the car to head home.  A little ways down I-5 my Mom handed me her phone and said, “this is the little baby that we sat next to.” I asked how she knew and she said she saw the website on the Mom’s sweatshirt: I started reading the story and was blown away.  That adorable little guy we sat by had already had two major brain surgeries to remove tumors and one to remove a tumor on his spinal cord. I was shocked and saddened and my heart went out to the two parents who could’ve easily been Luke and I.  When we sat by them at Granzella’s they were on their way home from Sacramento meeting with doctors about his chemotherapy plan — a chemotherapy plan for a little guy that was 1 1/2; life just doesn’t seem very fair.

I believe God puts people in our life for a reason and puts people in our path for a reason; whether it was a reminder to be grateful for my healthy girls, a gentle reminder to be compassionate to everyone you meet since you never know what battle they are fighting,  a request to reach out (I sent them a message on their website), or a way to spread his story for more people to hear and pray for him, I’m not sure but I believe they sat by us for a reason.  Please say a prayer for this young family and beautiful little guy. I think they are living any parent’s worst nightmare and looks like they are doing it with faith in God and his timing.


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