painting recyclables.

Since Earth Day is coming up I thought I’d share a fun way to let your kids paint to their hearts content without going through rolls of butcher paper.  Instead use your recycle bin to find flattened boxes, egg cartons, plastic containers, whatever you can find that’s clean and paint-able. It is a fun way to use what you have and lets them have fun painting something other than a piece of paper. We put it back in the recycle bin after the paint had dried — truthfully I’m not sure how much they appreciated it but hey, we were trying to be green!

 A few things I learned: 1. Old clothes are a necessity; paint doesn’t just stay on the item they are painting. 2. Have different brushes available – it’s fun for them to try foam brushes, thin brushes and thick brushes to see the differences.  3.  I’ve been saving old yogurt lids etc. for putting the paint on and they work great. Just another way to recycle and use what you have.     4. My child that pays attention to detail and is a little more deliberate spent most of the time painting the same cardboard box/castle while child number two went through about four different items in that time — be prepared with multiple options for children like my Stella.

This was the coolest cardboard packing that came when I bought a new portable stereo. It seriously looked like a little castle; perfect for little girls to imagine and paint on!


And moving onto the egg carton . . .

And then the applesauce box. (Notice the paint has now somehow found her pink shirt).

Still plugging away on the castle . . .

Finally finished with the castle and moving onto a plastic fruit container. Thankfully there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction; maybe the pirate dress up dress wasn't the best choice for painting.

What else have you had success letting your kids paint?


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