moving sites.

While I wish I was a Super Mom like Random Thoughts of a Super Mom or Little Miss Mama or crafty like Brown Paper Packages, or created amazing recipes like Pioneer Woman, or could have a faith like Dashing Dish, or had the health expertise of Balanced Bites I’m not and I don’t.

I’m just me:  a wanna be crafter, someone who struggles daily with patience and insecurities in my Mommy skills, and someone that some days stays in workout clothes all day (even if I don’t go to the gym). I love trying (not creating) new recipes, I love finding (not creating) crafts to do with the girls, and I love capturing pictures (with my iPhone and Instagram).

That being said, I love having a blog to make myself feel like I’m actually doing something in this new adventure staying home and I like sharing recipes or crafts I find and I love being able to share pictures of our family with friends/family that want to read/see (mostly my Mom I’m sure).  So, I’m going to continue blogging at on my new blog: Farming Cows, Raising Walnuts & Growing Kids. I like this name better because I don’t feel pressure to be an expert or literally “Mom’s Secret Weapon” because I certainty am not and this name better fits what my life is like.

You’ll continue to see posts here and there about fun stuff I do with the girls, great recipes/crafts I find, and even the occasional good workout if there’s one to share.

Those of you that have been with me from the beginning of my blogging existence are probably tired of me changing again but I really hope you’ll follow me over there as I continue to try to find my niche. (please, please, please!)

Please come check it out!

Thanks everybody. 🙂