I am a former high school Physical Education Teacher and now a stay at home Mom to two little girls, Norah, age 3, and Stella, age 1 1/2. My loves include: my family, a good book, great food, a hard workout, traveling, and trying to be crafty. Specifically, I love: how Norah says, “I love you to the moon and back so much” whenever I tuck her in, my Kindle and being able to download a book as soon as I finish a new one (new favorites: The Glass Castle, Unbroken and 1,000 White Women), dinner at 5th Street Steakhouse and Peppermint White Mochas (preferably in the same night), doing one more pushup than I thought I could and frog jumps (its a love/hate relationship), the ocean, and Pinterest (enough said).

As a new stay at home Mom I couldn’t survive without other Mom blogs and Pinterest for meal inspiration and age appropriate crafting inspiration to do with my little ones during the week. The teacher in me still loves to plan and always tries to plan out my meals and a few crafts to do each week with the girls — thus Mom’s Secret Weapon was born late one night when I finally got the guts to go for it.    I’m not an expert by an means and there are plenty of days where I would not win the, “Mom of the Year” award but I enjoy trying new things and trying to be the best Mom I can be to the two most amazing little girls.


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  1. This is awesome! Nice work. Next make one geared towards bachelors. Something with less than 5 ingredients and 30 minute prep time ;). Was this built on WP?

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