at-home workout #4

Here’s another workout  you can do at home. This one might need a little more space, but if you want to make it work at your house you will find a way to. I’m giving lots of notes below on ways to modify it since you most likely will have to. For this workout you’ll go through the exercises listed doing 20 of each as many times as you can in 30 minutes. It is a short workout – but you should feel the burn if you push yourself. End with a little stretching and then some crunchies or plank to work your core.

Remember do at least a 5 minute warm-up that includes movement (high knees, jumping jacks etc.), stretching (lunges, squats) and a few push ups for good measure. 🙂

*Inchworm is basically moving like an inchworm. Keep your body low, feet together then walk your hands out to a push up position do a push up then feet walk back in, walk hands out to pushup. Aim for 10 of these. Here’s a good description with pictures.

*”Flys”  You can do them laying on the floor.

*For the “sprint” I’d modify that if your space was limited with 1 minute of high knees, butt kickers, jumping jacks something to get your heart rate up .

* For the moving lunges – use your weights and do a shoulder press when your feet come together. If you are doing this workout at home you’ll have to get creative to be able to do 20. I’ve done lunges down my hallway and into the kitchen before to get all the reps in.

*For box jumps – You are trying to jump and land two-footed on something. I have a low brick fireplace that has a bench I can use perfectly. If you can’t jump then step up, up, down down. If you don’t have a space or something to jump on then do 20 squat jumps.

If you’ve done any of these workouts let me know how they worked for you!