color path

Only one “Get Moving” today – this weekend was really busy and a very late night last night kept me moving pretty slow this morning.

I’ll just give you another reminder to get outside and move with your little one — walk, ride a bike, run, whatever you choose get out and let them move! Our forecast is still scarily dry and while the weather is gorgeous and nice to be outside so much in January I know how much we need the rain for our cattle and I can only hope we are cooped up inside due to rain very soon. This would be a perfect activity to do if you were stuck inside with a busy toddler.

Color Path:

This is a great activity for color recognition, balance, jumping and following directions.  I  used some construction paper we had laying around but you could also use any other colored paper or kitchen hand towels you have and lay the paper out of the floor (you could put a small piece of tape on it if you are worried about them slipping) making different color patterns and paths.  Norah worked the hardest on just staying on the paper without touching the floor — we pretended there were tigers on the carpet that would get her toes if she fell off. For some reason, both girls have an obsession with tigers;  I don’t know where it started but they will yell, “Tigers” and then bury their face and try to hide, or they’ll peek over the couch looking for them. It’s actually pretty cute and was an easy way to try to make them balance and stay on the paper.

I just laid the paper in a straight line and close enough for Norah to successful be able to jump from one paper to the next.  Then I started adding new challenges to try: jumping on one foot (not very successful but she balanced pretty well before putting both feet down to jump) or jumping over one paper to the next in line (she was awesome at this and loved it). Stella was pretty happy just running up and down the line of papers and getting in Norah’s way. When they’d meet in the line face to face one would turn around and go back where they came from.

After a while with it in a straight line I had Norah help me make a circle with the papers. From here she jumped around in a circle landing on the paper and then it just evolved into my calling out colors and their running to stand on the appropriate color I called out (Stella just followed her big sister but I’d like to think it was still working on color recognition a little). Then I started adding silly things to do on the colors, “sit like a frog on the green paper,” ” lay down on the red paper,” “do downward facing dog on the blue paper.” and they’d run around looking for the colors and trying to do what I’d asked.


All in all it was a good time killer and used some energy with all the jumping and changing direction they did.

I’m sure there’s much more you could do with this and that’s the fun part is seeing how it evolves with your child and asking questions to keep them trying and moving new ways.