jumping in puddles

Is there anything as fun as jumping in puddles? After watching my two little ones I think their answer would be an enthusiastic, “NO!” This morning we bundled up and headed outside to go puddle hunting and found some perfect ones for jumping, splashing, and running through. Everybody had fun and we came back to the house wet, muddy, and cold but with huge smiles; nothing a cup of hot chocolate and warm clothes couldn’t fix.

I sent my Mom the picture of Norah and her umbrella and she wrote back, “So sweet through the eyes of a child, huh?” And that was the perfect way to describe it. They did not have a care in the world and were splashing and running uninhibited through those puddles giggling and laughing the entire time. Remember when life was that simple? Wet feet? Who cares. Mud on my face? Even better. It was a perfect reminder to let them have these moments even if they mean a little more mess and time cleaning up for me. And it was a reminder to get in there and jump in the puddles with them…they loved it and we were all three laughing out loud before it was over.

No boots for this girl – and yes, she put on her own shoes this morning. 🙂