toilet paper roll bird feeder

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders:
What a fun morning craft this was! I’ve been wanting to do some sort of craft with birdseed to hang in the trees for the hungry birds and squirrels around here and this was the perfect one. (I found this idea here). Norah loved this — she sat at the table and worked on spreading the peanut butter with her little knife very content for quite a while. The perk of this activity is that it is also a snack (the peanut butter, not the birdseed!). In between smearing the peanut butter on the roll she’d take a little lick and enjoy her snack. Stella is not quite at the age to appreciate the fun in this craft; she basically ate her bowl of peanut butter then asked for a banana. Can’t fault her for the peanut butter/banana combination though – that’s one of my favorites!
We spread peanut butter all over four rolls, two toilet paper and two paper towels, then it was on to the fun part – rolling them in birdseed. We covered the rolls the best we could then used a string to be able to hang them from the tree, (you could also just stick the roll directly on the branch).

Spreading the peanut butter on the tp roll (and below is a picture of Luke on our wedding place mats).
Stella quickly decided eating the peanut butter straight was a much better idea.
The fun part!
Now a paper towel roll.
The finished products ready to hang in a tree.
Stella had more fun carrying the feeders to the tree than actually making them.
Bird feeders waiting for hungry birds to find them . . .
And instead a hungry kitty found them . . .

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